Appliance Repair — About Us We are a family-owned and operated business serving the entire Phoenix area, and we’re here to take care of your home appliance repair needs! If you need dishwasher repair, we’ll do everything we can to get the job done right so that you’ll call us back when it’s time for dryer repair or refrigerator repair. We believe that once We repair more than a dozen brands, so no matter what you have there’s a good chance we can take care of it and have your appliance running soon. While we’re located in Phoenix, we serve most of the valley with all of the cities we do serve listed below. Contact us and we’ll take care of the appliance repair service you need.

How to Hook Up a Stackable Washer & Dryer

Bullfrog April 17th, , I have installed similar appliances in the past, however, the store employee said that gas appliances must be now installed by a certified technician in Maryland due to a recent law. I can’t find any such state regulation, only reference to a Montgomery County rule that says precisely what he said ref here: I am in Carroll county, and have searched in vain for a county ordanance that says the same.

Items that must be ordered directly from our vendor Special Order items require, on average, days to be received at your local Lowe’s store.

Gallery 1 Propane If you plan on doing any type of cooking, cleaning, or washing inside your van, you first need to determine what your needs are and go from there. Some people have very modest needs, and will be able to get by with just a simple one burner camp stove and a single pan to make all their meal.

Others will want a slightly more complex setup similar to a typical RV with a drop in stove an oven, or even a water heater. While there is plenty of information regarding propane systems for RVs, I’ll go over what I’ve learned about them when it comes to setting them up in a van, with my own van as an example. Propane Propane is a wondrous gas to use. With it, you can heat water, cook food, keep it cold, power a heater, and do it relatively cheaply and without drawing any power from your batteries or stress on your electrical system.

Smaller green 1 lb disposable bottles are sold in every camping section of a store and even in some supermarkets, and larger tanks that you see used for barbecues can be filled at some gas stations all around the country. In a normal RV or travel trailer, propane is used for several things: A cooktop or range: Almost every RV or travel trailer will have a cooktop and most will also have a small oven as a part of it.

RVs will have either a furnace or a smaller heater that runs off of propane. This can be quite dangerous if it’s not installed to the manufacturers exacting specifications, as the burning propane leaks both hot air and carbon monoxide. If not installed and vented properly, fatal amounts of this gas could flow into the living area of your vehicle and kill you while you sleep. A hot water heater:

Appliance Repair in Calgary by Accutech Appliances

Side venting the clothes dryer: When we bought our house, it came with an old school washer and dryer in the kitchen. They took up almost the whole wall on the far side of the room.

Your home improvement just got easier!

Should I Tip for Appliance Delivery? Showing your appreciation after the delivery of a big appliance like a television, refrigerator, or stove. We contacted several appliance stores, including a local Sears and a smaller owner-operated kitchen appliance store and the consistent answer is no, you do not need to tip a delivery person for your newest tv, refrigerator, stove or oven. But even thought tipping is not standard, we’ve heard the case made that the work is difficult and even a small tip could make a big difference see post below.

Some stores will only drop off the item, but most stores will unpack the item and plug it in. For a gas stove, for example, they would even connect the stove to an existing gas line. Like to contribute your own two cents? One of our readers, who delivers appliances, writes: Delivering applicance is a very tough job. Appliances are very heavy; lbs for most refrigerators and about the same weight for the new, high-end washing machines like the G.

I have 3 swollen fingers and 2 band-aids on 2 seperate fingers.

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Highly accurate diagnostician with over 30 years experience! Kelly is online now A new question is answered every 9 seconds Share this conversation How JustAnswer works: Ask an ExpertExperts are full of valuable knowledge and are ready to help with any question. Credentials confirmed by a Fortune verification firm.

The clothes come out wonderfully clean and dry enough to go right in the dryer — no extra spinning time needed!

But once you’ve bought a refrigerator with a cold water dispenser and automatic ice maker, you’ll still need a way to get water into it. It takes patience, but you can hook a water line up to your refrigerator on your own. Family Handyman , Whirlpool ]. Shut off the water supply. Locate the cold water source closest to the refrigerator. You’ll want to use water lines that are already in place if possible, rather than attempting to install new pipes.

Drill a hole either through the cabinet wall separating the space under the sink and the refrigerator or in the basement ceiling up to the refrigerator. Thread copper tubing through the hole you just drilled. Attach one end of the copper tubing to the refrigerator’s water pipe, using a nut and ferrule.

Warning about Lowe’s and appliances!!!

If your dryer won’t start Open the door and close it firmly to ensure it is closed properly. If your house has a fuse panel, check to see if the fuse has blown and replace it if necessary. Make sure that the dryer is plugged directly into a power outlet and not into an extension cord. If clothes are taking too long to dry

I saved myself the separate delivery charge and picked up the brackets myself, but the installation kit would be delivered with the dishwasher.

Then, in late April, the top oven went out. A few days later, part of the bottom one went out, and some of the buttons on the main board weren’t working very well. So, in mid-May I made the call to Lowe’s to get it serviced under the one year warranty. The main board in the range. They would have to put an order in for that part, and it may take a week or two to get.

Four weeks later, he got the part from Whirlpool. Came to my house, put it in, and not only did it not fix the problem, it caused it to keep the oven lights on all the time… so we had to keep the circuit breaker off or else, all the oven lights would be on all the time. So, the technician said he would put a Rush on the part this time, and it shouldn’t take more than a week to get it in. Well, two weeks later, I never heard back from Lowe’s or the Repair center, and when I called Lowe’s they said they would put a Rush 2 day shipping on the part from Whirlpool.

The lady said that the last Lowe’s Representative never “activated” the request, but that she would have her manager do it right away.

gas dryer connector lowes

We wait for delivery staff from 12 and we receive call on 3: We waited until for 2 hours. After several call to delivery service at 6pm we found our delivery status was missed. I waited 6 hours and nothing at the end.

Are you freaking kidding me.

If your washer isn’t starting Open the door and close it firmly to ensure it is closed properly. If your house has a fuse panel, check to see if the fuse has blown and replace it if necessary. Make sure that the washer is plugged directly into a power outlet and not into an extension cord. If your washer doesn’t spin Be sure that clothes are evenly distributed in the washer.

Mix smaller items of the same fabric type with larger items to help balance the load. Be careful not to overload the washer—remove some items and redistribute the remaining pieces. Make sure that the washer has all four feet on the ground and does not rock if you lean on it. If your washer is leaking water Use a flashlight to find the source of the leak to ensure it is coming from the washer and not from a pipe or other appliance nearby.

New Lowes

The quality and performance of the finished product has proven itself to be the best of all the large capacity gas fridge freezer on the market today. EZ Freeze builds the entire cooling unit, the heart of the machine, in house at their facility. They do not farm it out like the competition. This ensures the highest quality control possible. Each unit is tested in the hot room of at least degrees F for over 12 hours in duration.

Expensive repair work can quickly negate any initial savings.

Had it installed and within a week there was fraying of fibers. I called Lowe’s and was transferred 4 times and given the run around. My concern was transferred to installation. Nobody can tell me what to do about it. Lowe’s certainly isn’t standing behind their products or their customers only their vendors. After receiving these items I sent in the paperwork with order s, etc. Recently I received a letter stating my submission could not be processed due to missing info.

I contacted the rebate center and informed they did in fact have the items as they were printed off the internet thru my account that showed the info. Yet I was sent around in a circle from the rebate center to customer and back to the rebate center with no results. I believe these rebate offers are a scam.

GE WiFi Connect

We had a gas dryer that died in April and we had to hire a plumber to come out and unhook it-we were converting to electric so we didn’t need him to hook the new one up. The special outlet was already there for the electric one, so the appliance dealer we bought the elec. Plumbing and electrical work should be left to those licensed to do it IMO That’s not true here.

I would believe it.

Big items like these are not only difficult to get a good grip on, lift, and walk, but the bending and twisting puts an enormous strain on back muscles. Moving straps like our Forearm Forklift lifting straps, Teamstrap or Shoulder Dolly work by distributing the weight of a heavy item so larger muscle groups like the legs and shoulders also work in the lifting and carrying process.

These lifting moving straps, also known as a hump strap, movers straps, appliance lifting straps, furniture lifting straps, or hump straps are easily adjustable to fit and can move an item weighing up to lbs. Furniture sliders also sometimes called furniture glides, furniture pads, or furniture moving pads can also be invaluable when moving heavy items. Simply place these economical easy movers under the item, and it’s suddenly much easier to slide where you need it go.

Another type of equipment in the moving bands category includes large rubber mover bands and cinch straps. Moving rubber bands are perfect for securing a moving blanket or pad around a piece of furniture to protect it during transit or while in storage.

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