In , the position became global. Welburn is the first African American to lead a global automotive design organization. He will retire this summer after a year career. Welburn created a network of ten Design Centers in seven countries. His team of over 2, design and development every GM concept and production car and truck globally. Welburn was an intern at GM in She became Editor in Chief in and President in

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These are some of our favourite restaurants, bars, pubs, and lounges for Vancouver speed dating events. Browse the list and see which venue speak to you, then head back to our events page and sign up! Their innovative menu which capitalizes on local ingredients is complimented by a carefully selected wine list that compares favourably with much more expensive establishments.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a get-together with close friends or a company event with guests, the Urban Well can deliver good times for all. Steamworks has always been known for its distinctive and eclectic atmosphere, and whether you’re joining them for lunch, a drink after work, or a group dinner with friends and colleagues, they’re honoured to have you with them.

For , Hyundai has let this 3d generation of the Tucson grow several inches in a complete redesign for its 3d generation.

The Leica C-Lux is designed to be compact and portable without compromising on advanced features such as manual control for stills and video, RAW support, etc. In terms of competition, the C-Lux faces off against the Sony RX series, which has long been a very popular choice for high-end compact camera buyers. The Leica C-Lux has a series of buttons at the back which can be re-programmed The fit and finish of the body is good, except that the rear plastic panel of our test unit was already showing signs of ageing when we received it for review.

We noticed scuff marks and paint wearing off around the corners and edges. On the top, we have a pop-up flash, a mode dial, a power switch, a shutter button with a surrounding zoom lever, a dedicated video recording button, and a function dial. The mode dial felt a little too stiff for our liking and requires some effort to turn. The rest of the rear space is filled with programmable buttons, a trigger to activate the flash, and a four-way navigation pad.

Leica C-Lux features and specifications The C-Lux features a megapixel 1-inch sensor, with 5-axis optical stabilisation and 15x optical zoom. The camera has a fixed lens with a focal range of 24mm at the wide end and mm at the telephoto end 35mm equivalent.

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Photographer Angela Marklew and makeup artist Noel Nichols team up to show you how! Lining the path to her home are an army of automobiles all hers. Inside, a huge circular Dead Sea spa is filled with water imported from—where else—the Dead Sea, over 7, miles away. Between applications of foundation, blush, lipstick, and lashes, Diana shares her story.

First, there were gunshots, then bombs, and the next thing we knew we needed to escape our town. She fled to a refugee camp in the city of Split in Croatia where she spent 18 months before heading to London.

We also reserve the right to decline membership if we think the search cannot be concluded successfully.

It’s really something to see and think about how folks got their homes cleaned early on– This Electrolux is in nice shape for being 83 years old and worked like a charm– I sold the XI awhile back, but I think it merits leaving the picture of it here for folks to see what Electrolux had to offer years ago. The Model 30 has been around since and is one tough vacuum cleaner.

This Electrolux is a This model 30 comes just like you see it along with the wands, carpet, bare floor tool. If you want a new hose, bag, filter’s, cord, or any other parts added to the rebuild, they are all available at an additional cost. You can mount all of the cleaning tools on it’s back rather than having them be laying on the floor in the closet. The accessory tool caddy can also be mounted on the back of a closet door–just to keep the tools all together — The Deluxe 30 also comes with all of it’s original component’s.

Electrolux Deluxe Model 30 You can see how the optional tool caddy is mounted on the back of the Model 30 with the tools on it. If you want brand new hose, filter, bag or cord they are all available, and can be added to the cost of the rebuilt machine. Remove the front aluminum cover, pop the adapter assembly into the machine, and now you can use 4 ply disposable filter bags. If your cloth bag is ripped , torn, or just worn out, this is another option to replace it, and get cleaner flitered air out the back of the machine.

Neat , Unusual, Factory ,Electrolux accessory item–and it works very well.


Episode 3 Sin-Eater Lucifer and Chloe investigate a gruesome murder after a video of the crime surfaces on social media. Episode 5 Lucifer is excited to investigate the murder of his favorite action movie hero, Wesley Cabot. Episode 6 Monster A guilty and self-destructive Lucifer clashes with Chloe during an investigation, leading her to team up with Dan instead. Episode 8 Lucifer and Chloe investigate a string of violent stabbings revolving around a local yoga studio.

Episode 9 Homewrecker Lucifer must deal with the new owner of his building that wants to evict him and demolish the place. Episode 10 Charlotte is determined to get Lucifer to leave Earth by turning Chloe against him.

The Guard who derezzed Bohdi.

First dont consider romania a poor country. Look at… 05 Apr Completely forgot about Bucharest, Romania. And Romania… 03 Apr You have written good article on special topic which… 23 Mar Viva communications is doing good services in Pune,… 18 Mar There are lot of updates to be done in the list. This developed country is divided into two regions Gutland and Oesling in South and North respectively. The History of Internet speed Luxembourg is very interesting as the country has small but an advanced telecom market.

With the launching of 3G internet speed, the first appreciable broadband internet take up occurred, also DSL broadband services and the first digitized cable modem services are growing with 3G.

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Luxembourg Internet Days — Meet the experts! While the design of the event remains the same with two days for two focused topics for the ICT ecosystem, the topics change each year in order to cover sector priorities. The first day will focus on Network Security and Monitoring. The risk management and crisis mitigation expert, Mrs Rayna Stamboliyska, will also share valuable input about the NIS directive and will moderate a round table dedicated to this looming applicable directive.

Together, they will explain how to secure BGP, network and Internet infrastructures with very latest innovative technologies.

In felul aceasta nu va trebui sa va faceti griji in cazul in care anumite escorte va apeleaza inapoi sau va observa toate conversatiile avute cu escorte din Bucuresti.

Will he be the next Tron? A prequel to TRON: Legacy , the series takes place during the early cycles of Clu seizing power over the Grid. After defeating Tron and leaving him for dead, Clu has begun to take over numerous cities in the Grid. In Argon City, a young mechanic named Beck Elijah Wood decides to fight back when Clu’s soldiers derez one of his friends. Taking on the identity of Tron to try and inspire revolution, he draws the attention of the real Tron, scarred and in hiding.

With Tron’s guidance, Beck fights the forces of one of Clu’s top generals, Tesler Lance Henriksen , and attempts to liberate the city. The series began with a 10 episode microseries alternatively shown as a full thirty minute special, with the series proper run beginning on June 7, A hiatus went into effect after the seventh episode, with new episodes scheduled for October, then again three episodes after that, resuming in December and moved to a midnight timeslot on Mondays for its final episodes.

The show hasn’t officially been cancelled, but no episodes have been produced since January

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Esti ingrijorat de posibilitatea de a fi descoperit de nevasta cand mergi pentru prima data la curvele din Bucuresti? Citind acest articol complet vei intelege mai bine cum stai lucrurile in lumea curvarilor. Gandul de ingrijorare este valabil in general la incepatori, care viziteaza pentru prima data dame de companie din Bucuresti.

Enjoy our award winning food and inspired cocktails while meeting other vibrant singles.

They were made by Sturmey-Archer in England for several decades, and new versions have been introduced by Sturmey-Archer in Taiwan. Generator hubs are also currently made by Schmidt , Shimano , Shutter Precision and others. Strictly speaking, those are not “Dynohubs” because “Dynohub” remains a Sturmey-Archer trademark. Generator hubs are fairly heavy — the modern ones less so, thanks to rare-earth magnets and aluminum shells — but they are totally silent and have no moving parts nor mechanical friction.

They work by revolving a ring-shaped multi-pole magnet attached inside an over-sized hub shell around a stationary armature coil attached to the axle. Advances in magnet technology allow modern hub generators to be smaller and lighter than the original Dynohub, yet more powerful. Lights also are more efficient, with halogen bulbs or light-emitting diodes, so that a modern generator system can put out several times as much light as a classic Dynohub system.

The original Dynohub’s power output was 1. The headlamp sold with the original Dynohub was carefully designed to make the best use of its low power.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Review ()

She said she would think about it. A couple of days later, she set me up for a blind date with the woman who became my wife and the mother of my child — the rest, as they say, is history. N, 53, Business Owner, Cologne, Germany The interesting thing about Claudia is that she knows so many different people. Yet she is not someone who boasts about her network, she is very discreet at what she does and makes sure that the relationships she creates are high in quality.

She introduced me to my wife, and what is now a family of six, would not have started without her.

A 3-inch diameter accurately made and highly polished parabolic reflector ensures a light of exceptional brilliance.

Charles IV , the 14th-century Holy Roman Emperor and king of Bohemia from the House of Luxembourg [22] Historic map undated of Luxembourg city’s fortifications Photograph of the fortress of Luxembourg prior to demolition in Main article: County of Luxemburg The recorded history of Luxembourg begins with the acquisition of Lucilinburhuc [23] today Luxembourg Castle situated on the Bock rock by Siegfried, Count of Ardennes , in through an exchange act with St.

In , the House of Luxembourg suffered a succession crisis, precipitated by the lack of a male heir to assume the throne, which led to the territories being sold by Duchess Elisabeth to Philip the Good of Burgundy. Nineteenth century[ edit ] After the defeat of Napoleon in , Luxembourg was disputed between Prussia and the Netherlands. The Dutch king became, in personal union , the grand duke. Although he was supposed to rule the grand duchy as an independent country with an administration of its own, in reality he treated it similarly to a Dutch province.

After the Luxembourg Crisis of nearly led to war between Prussia and France, the Grand Duchy’s independence and neutrality were again affirmed by the Second Treaty of London , Prussia’s troops were withdrawn from the Fortress of Luxembourg, and its Bock and surrounding fortifications were dismantled. This allowed Germany the military advantage of controlling and expanding the railways there. Twentieth century[ edit ] Frontier with German Empire’s Alsace-Lorraine, from to In August , Imperial Germany violated Luxembourg’s neutrality in the war by invading it in the war against France.

This allowed Germany to use the railway lines, while at the same time denying them to France. Nevertheless, despite the German occupation , Luxembourg was allowed to maintain much of its independence and political mechanisms. In , after the outbreak of World War II , Luxembourg’s neutrality was again violated when the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany entered the country, “entirely without justification”.

A government in exile based in London supported the Allies , sending a small group of volunteers who participated in the Normandy invasion.

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Rare 5-speed manual transmission to enable full appreciation of the bhp V8 powerplant, this special order vehicle also has the sunroof, sports seats and seat heating extra options. Being one of the final S2s it also benefits from the S4 running gear. Lovely Smoke Silver Metallic with rare black Sportline check upholstery. Only , genuine miles with FSH, full MB main dealer history up to and specialist maintenance thereafter, this fantastic baby Benz has been in the same caring family for the past 6 years and has never wanted for anything, such has been the commendable level of attention and money levelled at it.

Although K is a low mileage for the sturdy , in reality one could easily assume it has only covered half that mileage — it possesses that sweetness, tautness and aura of solidity that only the best-maintained Mercedes’ exhibit. PAS, central locking, electric mirror.

Clu has done this to the ISOs, spreading rumors about them being violent monsters who can derez programs by touching them.

The model 5T has a true tabulator instead of the five-space or paragraph key found on its near-twin, the model 5. It cost no more than the regular model 5: The specimen pictured above was made in Canada. Most were made before This typewriter is similar to the 3 , but looks more solid and has a broader, boxier shape. Remington literature describes the 5 as “the world’s best seller,” and it was certainly an enduring member of the Remington line. Sold in France as the “Rem In another unusual variant, the top plate of the body between the keyboard and the keys is painted blue.

A strange little experiment. Remington Noiseless 8 Oct. This curious typewriter is virtually identical to the noiseless 7 , mechanically. The design looks like a 7 with angular, faceted surfaces. The 8 is much beefier than the 7 and has an extra-wide carriage, accepting paper

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The GTO is widely admired and commands pole position at the top of our top ten. Maserati then entered in the game with a brand new car, the fabulous S. This was the sign for Ferrari that it is time to get back in the race with a new challenger ready to reclaim its race winning performance. Spider, making it the most expensive car sold at auctions at the time. Spider is part of a series comprising ten editions.

Bits, much like their predecessor in TRON.

Killing Kittens is an international organization that throws upscale masquerade lifestyle parties around the world. They are especially big in London, and are just getting started hosting events in Chicago. You must apply to join the group on their website, and they pride themselves on being very exclusive. The venue was upscale and nice, small and intimate. There was a small turnout, only about 10 couples.

Despite there being a few beds, no playing happened.

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