Jennifer Lawrence at this year’s Oscars and her debut in Image: Yes, we adore you and when it comes to stepping out on the red carpet you can do no wrong in our eyes. The Hunger Games actress is certainly gaining style-icon status, and we always eagerly anticipate seeing what she is wearing. Although these days we can usually put money on it being a Dior Couture gown, due to the year-old being a brand ambassador and face of the French design house since Dior show no sign of ditching the natural beauty anytime soon, and who can blame them? WireImage After skipping the Oscars, we could have guessed which designer Jen would be wearing at this year’s Academy Awards. The black lace, couture design, which had been modified from its midi catwalk length to a floor skimming wonder was a chic choice.

Celebrities Caught Smoking Photos

Maybe it has something to do with him playing Peeta, but I don’t know, every time I’ve read or seen an interview with him, I just get the impression that he’s a solid dude. Hutcherson was recently at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new movie, Escobar: Paradise Lost, but instead of making it a me-me-me-fest, he took the opportunity to come to the defense of his good friend and co-star, Jennifer Lawrence, in regards to her nude photo leak.

I didn’t choose all that. I chose to be an actor.

Chan tends to make it memorable..

Mum, can’t I go At that time, the wizarding community she grew up in at the height of the First Wizarding War , during which her maternal uncles, Gideon and Fabian Prewett , were murdered while fighting a group of four Death Eaters led by Antonin Dolohov. The war eventually ended for a time to months later, after Lord Voldemort ‘s first defeat at the hands of Ginny’s one-year-older classmate-to-be and future soulmate Harry Potter on 31 October , Her room was on the third floor and it was described as small, but bright.

It also overlooking the family’s orchard and was decorated with posters of the Weird Sisters and Gwenog Jones. When she was six, she began a habit of breaking into the family broom shed and taking each of their brooms out in turn. She was never caught, and it only came to light eight years later when Hermione revealed it to Fred and George.

: where fans of Prince music meet and stay up

Whimn The Duchess of Cambridge is said to be “less than pleased’ with her husband’s highly-publicised partying, Vanity Fair , reports. Earlier this week, Prince William was caught on camera partying with his friends and an unidentified woman in a nightclub in Verbier, Switzerland during a boys-only skiing holiday. Prince William was filmed at the Farinet nightclub putting his hand on the waist of a mystery woman.

Prince William busts moves on camera0:

The fans didn’t take the news well because, for eight years, Pratt and Faris were considered to be one of the most relatable and adorable married celebrity couples in Hollywood.

Born in California, she is the daughter of an African American mother and Dutch father. Meghan has featured in leading movies and shows such as Suits , Horrible Bosses as well as Remember Me As a matter of fact, she is on record for refusing to play roles in the show Suits that required her to undresses. She said her reasons were of moral standing and religious background. According to Meghan, the hobbies are as a result of her upbringing, both as a family and as a Californian.

She is however very active in supporting more roles for women.

Amy Schumer announces pregnancy with a very Amy Schumer Instagram post

A fan imitates Harry casting the Lumos spell Pottermania is an informal term first used around describing the craze Harry Potter fans have had over the series. A Bridal Guide featured two real weddings soon before the release of the final movie, which quickly spread through the fandom via Facebook , Twitter , and Tumblr. In the story, the protagonist Andrea Sachs is ordered to retrieve two copies of the next instalment in the series for her boss’s twins before they are published so that they can be privately flown to France, where the twins and their mother are on holiday.

Rowling has an open relationship with her fan base, and since periodically hands out a “fan site award” on her official web site.

Stop the predisposed hate.

Gopi Chandra Kharel Dec 31, Wikimedia Commons New year has arrived, and people around the world are wondering what will have in store for them. Questions have been tossed around in internet with many people wondering if the coming year will be another 12 months filled with tragic flight disasters and disappearances, and if something major will happen in the global geo-political scenario that will be historic in nature. Will there be a deadly disease outbreak like Ebola?

Will there be great natural calamities such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? What will happen to great personalities and celebrities around the world? What will the entire world look like in ? Although there is no way to take confidence in the veracity of all the reported predictions for the New Year, they are, nonetheless, interesting enough to take a look at.

While many of them are based on fortune-telling and predictions from ancient soothsayers such as Nostradamus, others are from contemporary ball gazers. British royal playboy Prince Harry will finally get engaged and married, British fortune tellers have said.

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Curated by Parasshuram Shalgar Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Fans of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris received some shocking and disappointing news when they announced in a joint statement that they are splitting up. The fans didn’t take the news well because, for eight years, Pratt and Faris were considered to be one of the most relatable and adorable married celebrity couples in Hollywood. As expected, a third party was considered, and the first on the list is Jennifer Lawrence, who was Pratt’s leading lady in the movie “Passengers.

Many royal family members hold titles of Duke and Duchess.

She is dying to meet him and believes that he would fall for her immediately. The source told National Enquirer magazine: I am not surprised she is so self-assured. Well, she is not afraid of the publicity, she likes the black PR and everything connected to lust and dirt! Be humble and modest and men will pay attention to you, dear! Narine February 17, at 7: Well, and it is no wonder, as we all know that drugs are drying the mind, so what can I say accept the fact that I feel very sorry for her, she already probably dried half of her brain, and eventually the other half that was left is not very smart one, as it is obvious by the things she is saying.

Harry, Meghan exchange vows at emotional wedding service

Comments For years, the residents of Yarmouth Road in the upper-middle class Toronto enclave of Seaton Village knew that the actress Meghan Markle lived in the wine-coloured house on their street. No big deal, it is an area with a reasonable number of mid-tier famous people to bump into at the dog park. Then she started dating the last eligible bachelor of the British Royal family, Prince Harry, and became one of the most famous Meghans in the world.

Neighbours clucked as security vehicles and paparazzo tail-cars would camp out in the neighbourhood’s laneways.

Should you choose to do so, information you provide specifically in connection with those products and services may be shared with these businesses and subject to their privacy policies.

The stunning couple, who have been dating for about a year and a half, wed on May 19, Though Prince Harry has grown up in the spotlight, Markle, who is an actress and philanthropist, has led a fairly low-key life, despite her success on the mega-hit USA series Suits. Now, the year-old has moved to the U. The romance looked like a whirlwind. Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz Left: His co-star Emily Blunt set him up with her older sister, Felicity. The couple has been married since Back in , Robert Downey Jr.

The actors got married in a surprise ceremony in Then I met her. I was so nervous. It was produced by Kimmel.

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Jennifer Winget hot and sexy pictures Jennifer Winget hot and sexy pictures. By Pratiksha kukreti Last updated on – July 14, , 5: Facebook Jennifer Winget flaunting her hot cleavage in sexy shoot Jennifer Winget has evolved as a bombshell over period of time, as she grew with her roles in Television. From a simple doctor in Dil Mil Gae to a sultry diva in this shoot.

Facebook Jennifer Winget poses hot during a HD shoot Jennifer Winget is slaying in amazing red outfit, her sassy outfit over it wins it all. Facebook Jennifer Winget flaunts her super hot legs Jennifer is quirky and full of energy which reciprocates to her in the form of appreciation.

It is also predicted that Josefina Vazquez Mota will become the first female president of Mexico and many countries will see terrorist attacks from lone gunmen — the likes of Sydney attack in December.

She didn’t let him finish his proposal before saying yes. The royal family on Monday announced that Britain’s Prince Harry is engaged to marry American actress Meghan Markle, ending days of feverish speculation in the tabloids over when their nuptial plans would be revealed. The year-old redheaded prince is fifth in line to the throne. The year-old Markle was born and raised in California. The prince said he tried to warn Markle what she was getting into. She said she thought she understood.

It’s not easy for anybody. The couple were poised but natural. They finished each other’s sentences — in a good way. It was the first time they have spoken as a couple, the first venture into this new role of a royal pair. They addressed tabloid culture, race, the legacy of Princess Diana, the ring, meeting the queen and her corgis, and Markle being a foreigner. Markle was assertive but gushed a little.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle: Royal Baby Pressure?

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